Friday, March 25, 2011

Playin' at the Parish

After Chris left Holliday on Sunday, Crockett and I went out to the Parish to visit Hotshot (HaHa as Crockett calls him :) and Mary Ann. To say this little boy loves to go out there and play would be a huge understatment! He just runs from one thing to the next and the dirtier, the better! When we got there, Mary Ann had Hotshot put together a wagon she had just bought. Crockett put all of his toys in there once it was put together and Hotshot and Mary Ann took turns pulling him around... he LOVED it! He found the kitty cat this time. He always looks for it, but it is pretty skittish. Not this time! Crockett pet it and after a minute, the cat had laid down and put its head in Crockett's lap :) He thought it was so cool. We all got a good laugh about it! Crockett and HotShot got to swing, like they always do; side-by-side. We took a walk to the tractor, Crockett loves to climb up and down and "drive" it. He was definately in his element! I couldn't stop smiling :) If there was something out there for him to climb on or in, he was there! We walked down to the tank and, although Crockett about scared me to death, and I thought I might have to jump in a time or two, he sat still the longest there and just threw rocks in the water. When we looked up, all the cows were along the fence watching us... he thought that was really cool too!! We finally went back to the house for more wagon rides and cheetoes. He knows Mary Ann always has cheetoes for him :) When it was about time to go, I asked him if he was ready and he laid down in the wagon and told me "Nite Nite" and when I asked him again, he said "Bye Bye"... I have never gotten that from him before... I think he had fun :)

Thank you Hotshot and Mary Ann for letting us come play! Can't wait until the next time!! Better rest up until then :)

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