Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine Party at FBC!!

The day after the REAL Valentine's Day, Crockett's school had their Valentine Party. We got valentine's for all of his friends and some M&M's to go with them... that is Crockett's favorite! We also made some funfetti cupcakes with white and pink icing and lots of heart shaped sprinkles! It was lots of fun... Crockett just wanted to eat the icing :) Imagine that! On the day of the party, Chris just happened to be home, so I brought him along with me to witness Crockett's 1st party with his FBC friends! When we walked in Crockett immediately wanted Momma, and so did several other kids... We both decided then and there, this was probably the 1st and last party we would attend. (yeah, right :) The kids ate cookies and cupcakes and got a capri-sun. That cheered most of them up! His class is mostly boys and you could definately tell the cut-ups in the class! There was a little girl that would say "CHEESE" everytime I held my camera up, she might give those boys a run for their money! Crockett just wanted to climb on chairs and run around. He also showed Daddy the baby doll... even brought a blanket to cover it up :) Daddy might have been a little worried, but I just think he is trying to tell him that he is ready to be a big brother :) In the end, it was a nice party. It is so much fun watching all these little kids play together and just be around one another. We really do love his new class. Ms. Amber and Ms. Lydia are AWESOME with them all (11 kids!!)! I can't wait until the next party... possibly Crockett's 2nd birthday?!?!?!?! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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