Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aunt Susan!!

The Birthday Girl!

Doesn't he look like a mess?!?

All the guys watching the big game

Grandpa and Crockett

T-Pa and his best buddy (who did NOT leave his side :)

The Stones, T-Pa, D-Ma, Aunt Susan and Jan

Dad and his sweet guy

Last Saturday, December 5, was special day for a special person in my life... My Aunt Susan turned 60!! Chris, Crockett and I packed up and headed South to the big city to help celebrate :) Aunt Susan is known in my dad's family for her cooking and catering skills... she never comes without shrimp, barbecue, or her awesome chocolate chip cookies! She is ALWAYS in charge of cooking for birthdays, get-togethers and pretty much every family event, so for her birthday, everyone decided to keep her OUT of the kitchen! For once she got to put her feet up, relax and enjoy her day! Dinner was catered by a chef out of Dallas at Aunt Anne's house. The food was so yummy and the italian cream birthday cake was DELICIOUS! We all had so much fun getting to celebrate such a special day with her. She has always been so supportive of me and is one of the people I know I can always call or talk to. I love spending time with her, although it doesn't happen nearly often enough anymore! It is so important to me, now, that Crockett gets to know her and have her in his life. He already LOVES his Aunt Susan too :) It was so good to see everyone and celebrate such a special birthday!!

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