Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crockett, meet Santa!



My sweet baby!

The Holliday Eagle Band

Crockett and Uncle Casey


Holliday Volunteer Fire Department


Sue, Tommy, Andy and Nathalie

Crockett and I got in the Christmas spirit this morning and went to the Holliday Christmas parade! It was his 1st parade, and although it was loud and he wasn't quite sure what to think, I think he enjoyed it! The weather was chilly, but not nearly as freezing as it has been the past week. We met up with Uncle Casey, Aunt Amie, Kayleigh, Emily and Nathalie, Sue, Andy and Tommy (Amie's mom and her grandsons)! Uncle Casey is always so excited to see Crockett... I think he is just happy to have another boy around! :) There were quite a few floats and cool cars and all of them were throwing candy for the kids. They were so excited! Once the girls had picked up all the candy around us, we headed to the elementary school to go see Santa! He was on two floats and made it to the school... he is one quick fellow :) Crockett and I shared a donut... he LOVED it, of course! Santa.... not so much! He was not sure what to think, looking back and forth from Santa to me. Then he broke out into a full blown cry. So maybe next time :) Hopefully Santa will not hold it against him and still bring him some good stuff this year :) He really has been a good boy!!! I guess we will try it again another time!


Casey/Amie Stone said...

Soo funnny! I wonder why kids are so afraid of Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc.!?!
I am glad we got to be with Crockett for his 1st parade & encounter w/ Santa!
Christmas will be sooo much fun!
We love you Crockett!!

valbrown said...

cute pictures Jess! That little man is getting SO big. Happy Holidays!