Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I took his sucker away!

Sitting all by himself!

Crockett (and his sucker) and his new cousin, Rich

Crockett (and his sucker :) and Grandmaw

Crockett and Daddy with Hotshot

Crockett and all the cousins (He was chasing Nattie :)

For Crockett's 1st halloween, I searched and searched for the PERFECT costume. I finally found it ~ He was my lil pony! He looked so cute and it was just hilarious when he would crawl around with his little tail :) We didn't do anything too exciting, but we did go visit Grandmaw and all the cousins. Kayleigh was a witch (a nice one!), Emily was a dancer, Nattie was a ladybug and baby Rich was a sleepy cow! They all looked SO cute! I cannot imagine what the holidays will be like next year! Then we went to see Hotshot and MaryAnn. On the way to their house, Chris got pulled over by the DPS... I think Crockett got him out of the ticket! He thought Crockett looked so cute and so Daddy only got a warning :) By the time we got to their house, he was a little tired of the costume and it had to come off. He had enough and we paid for it most of the way home! Luckily, Elwanda had given all the grandkids suckers and Crockett had managed to tear a little hole in the wrapper... it saved us on the way home! He was very excited about the sucker! We kept it just in case we ever needed it :) We had a fun night and I know everyone loved MY LIL PONY!

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