Monday, November 9, 2009


We were so lucky to have Rachy come visit us last week! She came on halloween and stayed until Wednesday. She was so great to have around. While we took Crockett out for halloween, she cooked spaghetti for us and had dinner all ready when we got home. Chris and I had so much fun talking and laughing with Rach... maybe too much fun :) All week she was an extra pair of hands, eyes, ears, and she helped me rock Crockett, cook, shop, load/unload the car and entertain. It was wonderful! A girl could definately get used to that! Crockett also had so much fun with his Auntie... she did all the "fun auntie" things like share her tea (thank goodness it was decaf! He LOVED it!), give him bites, get him out of bed when mommy thought he should be napping! She could get him laughing and talking ~ I had so much fun just watching! I just love my littlest sister and am so glad she came to visit us! We love you and you are welcome back anytime you want!

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