Thursday, June 25, 2009


On June 13th Crockett and I met up with Brandi and Cade Luig and her mom, Teresa, and we all went down to Mansfield for a Sip N See celebrating the arrival of Arrah Addison Locknane! The date used to seem so far away.... but it snuck up on us very quickly! We all rode in one car and I sat in the back in between both of the babies. The ride there was good, however, the ride back was a little nerve-racking! Cade would start crying and then instantly, Crockett would stick out his bottom lip and begin crying... I really couldn't hear anything! Luckily, this only lasted about 15 minutes. Not too bad considering we were all in the car for about 2 hours total!
For the shower, Brandi and I made the invitations and decided we wanted a VERY, VERY girly theme since we both have sweet little boys! Everything was PINK, animal print, and more PINK! We sipped on mimosas and ate yummy (pink!) cupcakes! Celeste's whole family was able to attend and even big brother Will came! Celeste had lots of help opening up her gifts :) Addison looked precious in her special (pink!) outfit ~
It has been so much fun celebrating the arrival of each of our babies! They are so cute and are going to have such a great time growing up together. We love you sweet, little Arrah Addison!

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The Pennywells said...

aw that shower looks precious, and awesome job on the invites, they look so cute!