Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Crockett's Bedroom

Crockett's Bedroom

Lubbock Shower & Hostesses

Holliday Shower - YUMMY Cake!!

Holliday Shower - Hostesses

WOW! Where to begin?? It seems that the last couple of weeks have gone by so quickly and there was so much I wanted to blog about, but somehow, none of it gone done. So now I have about 10 pages worth of stuff to talk about.... this may take a while :)

First of all, I had Crockett's 1st baby shower in Holliday on February 21st. It was so much fun and we got to see so many friends and family members! My mom, Monica, Rach and Braidy even made the trip. Crockett got so much stuff! He has no idea what a blessed little guy he is! The cake was so cute, it made me a little sad to cut it and eat it, but it was REALLY YUMMY! We also played the game where you cut the string at the length you think it will go around my belly.... my mom got it EXACTLY. I am still not sure how she did it, but she did! The hostesses went out of their way and did so much for us. They even got us our pack N play! We are so lucky to have such great people in our lives!

The next weekend we went to Lubbock. My mom's birthday is March 5 and Ryan, my brother-in-law's birthday is March 3, so we decided to have a birthday dinner on Saturday. Ryan cooked DELICIOUS steaks with potatoes and really good asparagus. I ate and ate until I really had NO room left. We got "Birthday" cupcakes from Peace O Cakes that were very good. Braidy even got to eat a little green icing :) I am glad I don't live in Lubbock or I might develop a very fattening, expensive habit. Those cupcakes are delish!

On Sunday, March 1, we (Crockett and I) had our Lubbock shower. It was such a nice shower and it was fun to see my Lubbock friends who I love dearly, just don't get to see very often. He got even more stuff for his room, his closet is packed full, diapers, toys, you name it, Crockett got it! We even got our "baby mum" for the hospital door! I am really excited to get to put it up; it is precious! Monica's friend Kenley King makes them if you know someone who needs one :) She did such an AWESOME job, I was really hoping to get one of those! I will post a picture of it soon! He also got one of my FAVORITE gifts from our hostesses there... it is a big picture frame that says "God, Please tell Mommy that Cowboys don't take baths, they just dust off". I LOVE IT! and think it is perfect for my little cowboy! I think all of this makes us officially ready... maybe :)

Well, at least I hope it makes us ready... we went to the Dr. on Monday and I am a little over a centimeter dilated and 80% effaced. Crockett is in charge here and it would seem that he is ready :) whether mommy and daddy are. We also had a sonogram on Tuesday. He is a small little guy. Right now he weighs about 5.9 lbs which is not too small, but he could stand to put on a few more ounces at least! Everything else looks good, it is just time to play the waiting game. I will go to the Dr. and for a Biophysical Profile every Monday until he gets here. The BPP justs checks his growth, heartrate and the amniotic fluid around him, basically making sure he is not in distress and it is still a good environment for him. So we will just continue cleaning the house, cabinets, closets, and putting last minute touches on everything until he tells me it is time to go!! It may still be a couple of weeks, but I am doubting he makes his March 29 due date! And that is ok with me, I can't wait to meet him!!!!


Kenley King said...

Hey! I am so glad you liked your BabyMum :-) It was sooo cute! The colors were the cutest ever! I told Monica I would send her the ribbon with his name printed on it and some stickers for his name just in case. I ordered that ribbon and I have a lot left over! Crockett's nursery is adorable, I can't wait to see pics of him when he gets here!!!

The Future Pennywell's said...

ah! I love love love the nursery, it is so precious Jess! I can't wait until that baby boy is here! I also cannot wait to see YOU this weekend! I am so glad that Crockett is doing well :) I will certainly keep him in my prayers, can't wait for his debut :)

Emily said...

Jessica, what a darling room you made for Crockett. How creative. Love the cowboy theme.