Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!!!!


This was the first year Crockett has really been too interested in Halloween (And all the "cany" that comes with it!). So we were so excited to make plans to go trick or treating with friends! All week Crockett told me he wanted to "Treat with Gak"! Since Crockett is not too big on dressing up, so we decided to stick with what we know and go as BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!
He kind of fussed as I tried to get him dressed, but once it was on he was good! He liked it even better when mommy figured out that his wings lit up!!!

As soon as daddy got home, we headed over to a friend's house. We met up with several of my teacher friends from First Baptist CDO and their kids. Crockett and Jack (or "GAK" as Crockett calls him) are the same age and they are great buds. They really loved each others costumes. We also went with Jack's big sister, Lexie, and Poppy and Chloe. All of the kids had SO MUCH FUN and really got into it... they RAN from house to house and got TONS of candy! It was such a great time and just so much fun to watch the kids have such a good halloween!!

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