Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two and a Half

Where has the time gone???

On September 22, Crockett turned two and a half! I know it isn't exactly a birthday or anything, but I just feel like this has been a turning point. He is no longer a baby, maybe technically a toddler, but ALL little boy! He is so many things right now... busy, talkative, friendly, shy, tender-hearted, tough, ornery, a hugger, a hitter... just all those wonderful things that make little boys so special.

Crockett ~

- You are: 30 lbs, 36 in, in size 5 diapers (on our 1st box of 5's and hopefully one of the last boxes of diapers...) and in 2T clothes

- You STILL DO NOT SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT... always wind up in bed with momma or momma winds up in bed with you.

- We have been traveling SO much lately and you are AWESOME in the car! You look outside, watch movies (Mostly WoowyBuzz and The Baby (Ice Age)), and look at books. You do say Momma or Daddy about 500 times every time you see a tractor or cows... and we usually see LOTS of them! You are a great travel partner!

- You are the pickiest eater! You have gotten a bit better recently. You eat weinies, lots of cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, yogurt, fruit cups, cantaloupe, watermelon, oatmeal, waffles... not a whole lot else... You would drink TONS of apple juice everyday if I would let you (I still mix it with atleast 1/2 water) and now you will drink milk. YAY!

- You are a very talkative little boy. Some of my favorites are: drink = wink, Grandmaw = Mummer, Rachy = Riris, Ma = Mon, RuRus = LuLu, ew too = I love you too, mammies = jammies, oohies = horseys, tows = cows, meemeek = Mickey Mouse, Soso = Oso, boppel juice = apple juice, tactor = Tractor, ShaSha = HotShot, sheshe = fishy, Bumbo - Dumbo, DD = Braidy, When = Quin, hoooouuuusssse = House. You have begun to say so many words and are even putting 5 and 6 word sentences together occasionally. I will be so sad when you can say everything correctly :(

- Your favorite things to say lately have been "Yep", "Puppies HUSH!", "Sing Songs" (as in the songs we sing at Tiny Tots & Tunes)

- You love to play with all of your cars, trucks and tractors. You would stay outside in the dirt all day if you could. You love looking at and reading books. Your favorites are still all of the Llama, Llama books. Recently you have become pretty good at puzzles too. You are a very social little boy and do great at school most of the time, but you also play by yourself very well.

- You have learned most of your colors. We are working on your numbers... today, everything was 2, 3, 9, 10!! You change the numbers and pattern almost daily. You are almost able to spell your name, you just need a little help. At school you are also learning your shapes. You know circles really well and can pick out squares and triangles.

- You are going through the "NO" phase right now, and you are very good at ignoring your momma. Maybe it is selective hearing already... you learned that from your daddy :) You can through a huge fit, but you almost always make it better by giving sweet little kisses.

I could go on and on about the wonderful things you are doing these days. Each day I am surprised and amazed at something you say or do. You are my best buddy and there isn't anyone else I would rather spend my days with (aside from your daddy!). Your daddy and I have had the time of our lives watching you become YOU! What a special little guy you are and how thankful we are for the blessing you have been to us!


The Curry's said...

We love you little man! You make me smile all the time. You're getting so big! Cute cute pictures. Handsome fella!!!

valbrown said...

Love this post Jess! Crockett is such a cutie. I can't believe how much he is growing.