Monday, August 15, 2011

We LOVE the Lake!!

Kelly, Chris's sister (known to her nephew and nieces as KK :) works for Congressman Mack Thornberry in Washington D.C. It is so far away, so we don't get to see her or her husband, Brendan, nearly as much as we would like. Since she had some time off, she got to come home and we were all so excited! It has been quite a while since almost everyone (we sure missed Leslee, Drew and Steve!) was able to get together, so that is exactly what we decided to do! What began as a celebration for Kelly, really became a celebration of our FAMILY! We are all so lucky!

Chris only had Saturday and Sunday off, so we had to make it a very quick trip, but it was so worth it. We left Midland around 7 am and made it to Kyle, Kylee, Dylan and Marla's lake cabin at Lake Kemp by 11... pretty good. Crockett was so glad to be there and immediately found the gator, rocks and the bunk beds to play on. There is just so much to do there!! Shortly after we arrived, Elwanda and Kayleigh, Casey, Amie, Emily and Nathalie got there. That was when Crockett's real fun began! He really loves and misses his cousins. Crockett and Nathalie greeted each other with a hug and wrestling match. They were so funny, just rolling around, laughing... fun times :) Mimi and KK, Brenda, her sister Kathy and Greg, Chad, Sara and Rich all arrived and the reunion was officially underway! All of the girls hung out in the cabin and chatted while sipping on hurricanes, while the guys talked shop and blew up a frog pool for the little boys. Once it was blown up, leave it to Crockett to get naked and jump in :) Rich wasn't too interested in joining. Ha! I got the bad mother-of-the-year award because I forgot Crockett's little swimmer diapers AND his swimming trunks... luckily, that didn't stop him from getting in the lake with everyone! We all had such a blast! We went in the boat, KK and the girls went tubing, Crockett and Daddy explored, we sunbathed and just enjoyed everyone's company.

After we had all had enough sun for one day, we headed up for hamburgers. Dinner was delicious, and it was followed with even MORE DELICIOUS homemade ice cream! We all had so much fun and made plans to do it EVERY year!

We were staying at Grandmaw's, so we drove to her house. Crockett was excited because he knows he gets to watch "Bumbo" = Dumbo there and she ALWAYS has CHEETOES for him :) She is so kind to let us invade her house, but we are so appreciative. After a short night's rest, we were back on the road headed home. It was such a quick trip, but so worth it. We had such a great time seeing everyone and getting to catch up. Our family is so important to us...

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