Tuesday, June 7, 2011


After a wonderful 2nd semester at First Baptist Children's Day Out, we have reached the end! Crockett has loved every minute of his PENGUIN class and especially his teachers, Mrs. Lydia and Mrs. Liz (and Mrs. Amber too!). He has learned so much and surprises me daily with his new words and phrases. On the last day of school, the CDO children put on a program for the parents. Let me just say that I was moved to tears by the precious-ness of these children. Crockett was a bit timid and shy at first, but on the 3rd song, he really got into it! I could tell he knew all the moves and what to do during the song. The last song was "This Little Light of Mine" and they got to use 'shassites' (flashlights :) which was VERY cool!It started out slow and the got really fast, and let me tell you, Crockett was a-dancin'!! It was hilarious :) It was really so wonderful to see and just made me so proud of my jumpin', dancin' and movin' little man :)

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