Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Crockett!!

After weeks and weeks of planning and preparation, Crockett's big 1st birthday party has come and gone!! It was SO much fun, despite the SNOW and freezing temperatures. It was a lot of people squeezed into our home, but each person has a special place in our hearts and will play a part in Crockett's life, so we were so blessed to have each and every person there! We had cowboy hats and badges for the kids and just let them play and have fun together. They were all SO good and got along really well! Crockett was a little fussy as he would NOT take a nap that morning, so he was not quite his friendly self, but he had a great time! We all ate fajitas (which we will still be eating months from now...), queso, chips, salsa (Rachy's AWESOME salsa) and the really yummy cake. It was delicious, and I must say, would not have been ready without my mom and sisters who saved me this weekend. I love you all SO much and am so grateful for your help. I cannot tell you enough! Crockett got lots of fun toys and hopefully the weather will get nice so we can put his new sandbox outside with all his cool trucks! He is going to have so much fun stuff to play with! By the time we did the cake, he was about done. He did manage to get black icing all over himself, before he lost it. About 15 minutes later.... he was sound asleep... It was a lot of excitement for a little guy and I guess it was his birthday party and he can do whatever he wants! We had a good time and I can't wait to celebrate again, although next year, it may be somewhere else :) Crockett is so lucky to have so many wonderful people in his life! Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us!

(By the way, I will post pictures tomorrow! I just need to download them first!)


valbrown said...

Happy Birthday Crockett!!

TiffanyNorris said...

Happy 1st Birthday! And happy 1 year anniversary on being a Mommy! There is nothing better!!