Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Year, A New Blog

I had decided a long time ago, since we are expecting, a blog would be a great way to share all of our news with everyone. Well, now that we are 28 weeks pregnant, only 12 weeks away from Crockett Christopher's arrival I have finally managed to get it together. We went to our 3rd sonogram on January 5, and everything looks great! Crockett has turned and is now head down. He is constantly kicking and punching me, and I am loving every minute of it (for now)! Crockett weighs 2.7 lbs and by the looks of me, he is growing daily :) His furniture and bedding has come in and we are in the process of getting the nursery ready for his arrival. Aunt Monica is helping us with a few things we will do this weekend. So maybe I will have new pics next week!

Our holidays were full of family, food, fun and driving :) I have to say, Christmas is quite different with a little one around. My nephew, Braidy, was the highlight of the evening. He enjoyed all of his gifts, but was not quite sure what was going on. I have a feeling that next year will be a lot more exciting! By then we will have Braidy who will be almost 18 months and Crockett who will be 9 months! Nothing will be safe! I can't wait... so much to look forward to! We were so blessed to be able to spend the holidays with each of our families. They are so important to us and such a big part of our lives.

Our first Christmas was in Holliday, where we celebrated with the Stone Family. Not everyone was able to be there (Brendan & Kelly), so it was not quite the same. We all had a wonderful time, though. I think the highlight was watching our neices, Kayleigh, Emily and Nathalie open their gifts. They were so excited about EVERYTHING! Next we went to Lubbock to have Christmas with Mom and Les. It was the weekend before Christmas and Santa still mangaed to find us there :) We also went to Bulverde to be with Dad and Jan. Uncle Mike and Aunt Susan were there as well, which was such a treat! We went to Ringling, OK, where Chris' mother's family lives and spent Christmas Eve with them. We had no idea when we were there what a special Christmas Eve that would be. Chris' great uncle, Cecil, passed away on Dec. 29 and his grandmother, Carolyn, passed away on Dec. 31. I am so glad that we were able to be with them and make some wonderful memories. They were such a special part of Chris' life, and I am so lucky that they became part of mine. It was a long couple of weeks, but it I isn't that part of what Christmas is about?

Chris and I are excited about all that 2009 holds for us! We know that there will be many long nights, poopy diapers and probably tears (for me)! But it will all be worth it because we have prayed for this baby boy for a long time! He will be such a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't feel more blessed!



Welcome to the blog world! I still haven't figured it out so I'm so impressed that everyone else has! Geez!! I will be one of your fans though! I loved reading about your Christmas and can't wait to see belly pics! (and eventually Crockett pics!)
Love you!

The Future Pennywell's said...

Yay I am so glad you have started a blog! (: I do not update ours often at all..maybe i will right now. haha! :) I cannot wait to see the nursery! I am so glad Crockett is doing so well! miss you!

The Curry's said...

Post pictures of the nursery!!! and the BELLY! Before you know it, the belly will be gone and the baby will be here!